For Contractors

A blasting licence is not required to use the Simplex system in Sweden. It is necessary to take a training course organised by the supplier, normally of 5-8 hours duration. The transport class is 1.4s, and the classification is UN323.

The ability to break stone, rock and concrete safely and with immediate effect can contribute more flexible and cost-efficient operations for a company. It is possible for the company itself to remove stone, rock or concrete that obstructs work, saving both time and money. The company competitiveness is increased, and a greater area of operations opens in which the company can work. The Simplex system has many areas of application.

The investment costs for the Simplex system are low, and the pay-back time is often reached during the first project.

Contractors with a blasting licence

Power Tools owns the global patent for the Simplex cartridge, and is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer cartridges based on propellant powder where “normal” detonators of VA, Nonel or electronic types can be used, instead of the original igniter based on propellant powder. The cartridges can then also be used with delay.

The Simplex system is often used in Sweden by companies that specialise in blasting for work in sensitive surroundings, where dynamite and other explosives are not suitable or are prohibited.



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