Questions and answers about stone breaking and rock breaking

How do stone breaking & rock breaking differ from blasting?

Simplex is a cartridge based on a blasting powder specially developed for breaking stones. The powder in the cartridge has a burn speed of approximately 350 m/s, which can be compared with the approximately 6,000 m/s that dynamite has. This low burn speed of the powder results in a minimum of vibration being created. Earlier cartridges manufactured by Power Tools had the electrical igniter integrated into the cartridge. The company has continued development of its cartridge to increase safety, leading to today’s Simplex cartridge. The Simplex system consists of a cartridge and a separate electrical igniter. These are united, and the cartridge then becomes “live” just before the breaking operation. This increases safety not only during handling of the product, but also during transport and storage.

How safe is Simplex?

We have laid down a great deal of time and work when developing the Simplex method to increase the safety to its maximum. The cartridge and igniter are delivered separately. We continued the development of our previous cartridge and separated the electrical igniter from the cartridge in order to eliminate entirely the risk for unintentional ignition of the cartridge. There is always a risk that electrical igniters will be influenced during transport and handling by electrical fields from, for example, high-voltage lines, earth cables and radio transmitters. It should be obvious, then, that the detonator should not be united with the dynamite unless blasting is to be immediately carried out. And it’s just as obvious when it comes to our products.

Can I use igniter other than the original?

Yes, Power Tools owns the global patent for the Simplex cartridge, and is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer cartridges based on propellant powder where “normal” detonators of VA, Nonel or electronic types can be used, instead of the original igniter based on propellant powder. The cartridges can then also discharged at intervals.

Is Simplex explosive?

The propellant powder itself is not explosive. An explosion can only take place when the gas that is formed when the powder burns is enclosed, as is the case, for example, in a borehole. In Sweden, using Simplex is not defined as “blasting”, but “stone breaking”. Contact Power Tools for more information.

What are the restrictions regarding transport and storage?

Our products are classified as 1.4s (UN 0323), which is the same classification as windscreen washing fluid and car batteries. There are no restrictions on the amount that can be transported in a normal car. The degree of desirability of Simplex in Sweden is the lowest grade, C. Products of degree of desirability C must be stored locked in a metal cabinet, locked room, shipping container or similar, with a padlock of at least Class 2, or equivalent.

What is the greatest advantage of using Simplex stone-breaking cartridges?

The greatest advantage of the Simplex system is that the igniter is separate from the cartridge. This brings greater power and higher safety to the user, and the system will satisfy the requirements of the future.

Who buys your products?

More than 6,000 building contractors in Sweden use Power Tools products. We have customers that range from single-person building contractors to large international concerns such as Skanska, Peab, NCC, and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Is this product protected by patents?

Simplex has been developed and is manufactured by Power Tools, and the product is protected by patents.

When is it appropriate to use Simplex?

Simplex is a safe product that creates a minimum of vibration, giving it a broad field of application. It can be advantageously used to remove stones, outcroppings or concrete close to or inside of buildings and other sensitive locations. Time-consuming and expensive inspections are not required when using Simplex stone-breaking products.

Is Simplex a proven product?

After a long history in the manufacture of shotgun cartridges, the company started working with stone breaking and rock breaking in 2001. The company has since then worked purposefully to develop products that are well-suited for their purpose, with a clear emphasis on safety. The Simplex system was launched in 2007 after an extensive development process, and has subsequently become a valued and popular product among building contractors.

 Can I use Simplex indoors?

Yes, many of our customers use Simplex for indoor jobs.

Can I use Simplex underwater?

Yes, the cartridges are fully waterproof and work perfectly under water.

Are slow-acting igniters available?

Yes, they are. One of the advantages of the SIMPLEX system is the ability to choose igniter. A Class 3 igniter should be ordered from us if stones are to be broken in areas with strong electrical fields. The reason we deliver Class 2 igniters as standard is that the Class 3 igniters require more power, which limits the number of cartridges that can be detonated in series. Further, the battery in the igniter unit becomes exhausted much more rapidly when using Class 3 igniters.

Why is it called “Simplex”?

Because it’s so simple to use.

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