The Simplex system for stone breaking and rock breaking. Safer – more efficient – future-proof

Safer - more efficient - future-proof

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Simplex® – covered by a global patent


The only stone-breaking cartridge with a separate igniter. A global patent protects the future. Safer, more efficient, future-proof.


Simplex is a system from Power Tools for breaking stone, rock and concrete. It is based on small, electrically ignited explosive charges.

Power Tools has been developing a new series of electrical stone-breaking cartridges for a long time, and the development has passed from cartridges with integrated igniters to a wholly new series of cartridges with separate igniters. This brings greater power and higher safety to the user, and the system will satisfy the requirements of the future. Another clear advantage of using a separate igniter is the ability to choose between Class 2 and the slower Class 3 igniters for the cartridge.

The propellant powder has an advantage in its much lower combustion speed than that of conventional explosives. This gives lower risk, more environmentally sensitive working procedures, better economy, and it removes the need for expensive foundation inspections. Since the vibrations produced are rapidly damped, stone breaking can be carried out close to building foundations, water mains, district heating lines, electricity conduits and other sensitive objects without harming them. Small stones and small rock outcroppings in a lawn are suitable for removal by stone breaking. Stone-breaking is now used by most major building contractors in Sweden and by several thousand small building companies.

Charging with Simplex stone and rock-breaking cartridges


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  • It is not necessary to close off a complete work site and evacuate the area before each breaking operation. The safety distance for work with the Simplex system is as low as 30 metres.
  • Work can take place close to sensitive buildings and other locations.
  • No noticeable formation of dust, making the procedure environmentally sensitive. Use Simplex for a safe and proper work environment.
  • Work can be carried out in sensitive areas, such as built-up urban areas, without needing to consider the problems that normally arise when using explosives.
  • No special vehicles are required for transport (1.4S).
  • Expensive storage locations are not required. Simplex has the lowest storage classification, degree of desirability C, which is the degree in which fireworks are classified.
  • A 15-gram Simplex cartridge can break approximately 1 m³ of exposed stone into a number of pieces.
  • Holes can be drilled and charged at any angle (horizontal holes).
  • The cartridges are waterproof and can be used under water.


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