Spräckning med Simplex har mängder med användningsområden och väldigt få begränsningar. Simplex kan användas i utmanande miljöer med utmärkta resultat!

Stone breaking with Simplex

Excavation of swimming pools

It is not unusual to run into rock or stone when installing swimming pools in the grounds of detached houses. The intended location of the pool is often close to the house, and may be close to neighbouring properties. Since Simplex stone-breaking cartridges create next to unmeasurable vibration, expensive inspections of the surrounding properties are usually not necessary (in contrast to the case when using blasting). A further advantage of the Simplex system is that the safety distance is as low as 30 meter, and thus large safety barriers are not required when carrying out stone and rock breaking.

This makes the Simplex system eminently suitable when installing swimming pools. Many excavation companies throughout Sweden have received training in how to use the Simplex system. Employing an excavation company with personnel trained in the Simplex system means that it is only necessary to employ one company for the excavation and for the removal of stone and rock, which saves both time and money.

Hydraulisk spräckning

Power Tools har även hydrauliska verktyg i produktsortimentet. Förutom de nödvändiga verktygen för spräckning, som hydraulaggregat och borrutrustning, har vi även hydraliska spräckverktyg av bästa kvalité. Vi jobbar endast med väl beprövade varumärken för spräckning. Idag erbjuder vi spräckare från Kilrox och Hirado i en lång rad olika storlekar. Att ha en hydraulisk spräckare kan ge din verksamhet en än större bredd och snabbhet. Den stora fördelen, anser vi, är att du som entreprenör kan hantera sten, berg och betong på egen hand med väldigt kort varsel.

Areas of application for Simplex stone breaking


There are currently over 70,000 waste-water drains that lack approval in Sweden. When a new waste-water treatment drain is to be excavated, there is always a risk that rock or stone will be found obstructing the course. Employing an excavation company with personnel trained in the Simplex system saves both time and money.


Power Tools has several customers who are excavating basements in private homes. Simplex is also being used in several large projects. One such is the lowering of cellar floors at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

Cable and pipeline excavation

If you have a house or a summer cottage that is to be connected to the electricity grid and/or the water supply, requiring the excavation of a trench, you may find rock or stone obstructing the course. The advantage of the Simplex system is that more than 6000 building contractors have been trained in its use for stone and rock breaking, which means that the excavation contractor can remove any such obstacle. This makes it unnecessary to call in a blasting company, and saves both time and money.

Stenspräckning i trädgård med Simplex rörgrav

Road construction

There are many advantages of the Simplex system in road building. It may even be the case that blasting is prohibited in certain sensitive environments, such as water catchment areas. It is possible to carry out rock and stone breaking in the immediate vicinity of national roadways without needing to close them to traffic, which is a great advantage. If operations are kept within the planned area, it is usually not necessary to inspect surrounding properties, which can save both time and money.

Secondary breaking in mines and opencast mines

I dag finns det mer än 70 000 underkända avlopp i Sverige. När ett nytt avlopp skall grävas så finns det alltid en risk för att man stöter på sten eller berg. Att man då har en grävmaskinsfirma med utbildad personal på Simplexsystemet sparar då både tid och pengar.

Spräckning i utmanande miljöer intill garage

Any stone-breaking or demolition work for which explosive may not or cannot be used

Nowadays, there is often an intense focus on the environmental impact when preparing the ground for housing estates, road construction, etc. Restrictions on noise, vibration, etc. have become more stringent. It is often possible to satisfy these restrictions by using the Simplex system, which is thus a good alternative in situations where blasting is not permitted.

Demolition of concrete structures

Another application in which the Simplex system functions excellently is the breaking up of concrete foundations, walls, cellar floors, etc.

Breaking stones in quarries or stonemason workshops

The Simplex system is a good alternative for stonemasons who need to break out stone blocks. The Simplex stone-breaking cartridges are available in several sizes, which makes it possible to break out stone blocks with minimal risk of fractures.

Clearing rock and stone from building sites

Simplex does not require large safety barriers, in contrast to blasting operations. Fly rock and dust are not produced, and the noise produced by the Simplex system is very low, which makes Simplex suitable for use when breaking rocks and stone on a building site.

Breaking large boulders at coarse sorting in ore passes

Simplex stone-breaking cartridges are available in sizes from 4 grams to 75 grams. All that is necessary when breaking boulders into fragments is to choose an appropriate size of cartridge.

Clearing blockages in stone crushers and grinding mills

Blockage of a stone crusher can be easily cleared using the Simplex system. The smallest size of a Simplex cartridge is 4 grams. It is easy to break the various sizes of stone into smaller fragments and relieve the blockage.

Freed boulders in tunnels

In tunnels and in many other locations, the Simplex system has the advantage of being essentially vibration-free and an environmentally sensitive alternative to blasting. The small safety distance is another great advantage. Working in tunnels often involves working in environments that are sensitive to vibration.

Agricultural and forestry applications

Large boulders that appear in fields or when cutting ditches can be easily broken by the Simplex system into smaller fragments that are easy to handle. The system is also a great help when widening and preparing forestry roads.

Underwater excavation

Simplex stone-breaking cartridges are completely waterproof, and can be used under water without problems. Several Power Tools customers are diving contractors, working actively with the Simplex system.

Questions and answers about stone breaking with Simplex

How safe is Simplex?

We have laid down a great deal of time and work when developing the Simplex method to increase the safety to its maximum. The cartridge and igniter are delivered separately. We continued the development of our previous cartridge and separated the electrical igniter from the cartridge in order to eliminate entirely the risk for unintentional ignition of the cartridge. There is always a risk that electrical igniters will be influenced during transport and handling by electrical fields from, for example, high-voltage lines, earth cables and radio transmitters. It should be obvious, then, that the detonator should not be united with the dynamite unless blasting is to be immediately carried out. And it’s just as obvious when it comes to our products.

Can I use Simplex indoors?

Yes, many of our customers use Simplex for indoor jobs.

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