SIMPLEX® stone-breaking cartridges

A world-patented system with separate igniter

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Power Tools has been developing a new series of electrical stone-breaking cartridges for a long time, and the development has passed from cartridges with integrated igniters to a wholly new series of Simplex cartridges with separate igniters, to be used for breaking stones and rock. We regard it as obvious that cartridges should be transported and handled without the igniter inserted in them, just as dynamite is not transported after the igniter has been inserted. Using separate igniters gives the user greater safety and higher power, while satisfying future demands for rock and stone breaking. Another clear advantage of using a separate igniter is the ability to choose between Class 2 and the slower Class 3 igniters for the cartridge. This was not possible with our earlier cartridges with integrated igniters.




Power Tools stone breaking

Market leaders in Europe

We have been market leaders in Europe for many years in the field of stone breaking, with products for breaking stone, rock and concrete. We hold several patents for our products, which cover most countries in the world, and we are continuously making developments within stone breaking and rock breaking. Our customers within stone breaking and rock breaking are anything from a single-person building contractor to the largest companies in Sweden. The company is still located close to the family farm outside of Herrljunga, which has come to resemble a small industrial estate in the countryside.

Simplex stone breaking is often a better and gentler alternative to blasting. It is often possible to carry out stone breaking in built-up areas in properties, close to building foundations, water mains and cables. Simplex stone-breaking cartridges create nearly no vibration, which means that expensive and time-consuming property inspections are usually not needed.

It is our policy to give our customers the best possible service, based on our immense expertise within stone and rock breaking and our personal commitment. We are a serious, well-established company that places a high value on inspiring confidence in our customers, and one that appreciates personal contact.